• I need some help. My robot has been down for 4 days and tech support hasn't been much of a help because these robots are obsolete.

    Let me start with, I'm getting several error messages. But this particular one has me stumped. MOC_MAILBOX2_ERROR Has anyone else encountered this error? It's a Fatal, non recoverable error. I've replaced the robot computer (DSQC 322) Axis 2,4 drive, installed the key disks and backup. Once I'm able to get the programs up, I get a rev count needs updating. Once I try to line the Mark's up, I get a joint speed error on axis 4 yet again, then all the Mailbox2 errors occur again. I've installed the system 8 times already (I know, a little excessive, but still fairly new to ABB).

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  • The DSQC322 is the original S4C Robot Computer and was replaced early on by the DSQC363. I'm think you can only load BaseWare 3.0 with the DSQC325 & DSQC322 combination. Are you trying to load BaseWare 3.1?
    Try restoring an older backup if you have one or instead of restoring the backup, try loading in the individual parameters except the MOC file. You can manually put in the calibration numbers and then update the counters.
    Any other errors or is this the only one.

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