r30iA Dual ARM/ no faults

  • We received a 2 robot dual arm system from another building, it is R30iA with DCS and 2 arcmate 100ic robots. The controllers needed their servo amplifiers replaced because they were robbed for other robots. I replaced servo amps and hooked everything back up to see if we can get them to work again, had to do an image restore because initially had a parity fault on cpu because someone removed the battery. We then reconfigured it from a 5 group system to just 2, jumpered out all the e-stop stuff. how to figure out how exactly the fiber optic cables were connected but now the teach pendant is no longer showing any faults and the servos wont engage. i can push the estops, remove all the jumpers from the panel board and still get no faults at all on teach pendant and no power to servos...Anybody run in to something like this before?? the should give me some kind of fault on it. The main board LEDs are good too.

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