How to programmatically get/set CONF (NUT,FUT,...) of PR[]?

  • Hello robot people!

    Does anybody know hot to read/write the position configuration (robot posture/attitude) flags from/to a PR[] ?
    We can of course access the 6 cartesian components using PR[I,J]=... where J goes from 1 to 6 but I cannot find a way to read/write the axis configuration...


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  • Maybe there is a easier way but this is only way I remember:

    You use KAREL to read PR:

    xyz_test: XYZWPREXT
    s_test: STRING[10]
    GET_VAR(entry, '*posreg*', '$POSREG[1, 10]', xyz_test, status)
    CNV_STR_CONF(s_test, xyz_test.config_data, status)

    You can than set string register with you configuration

    SET_STR_REG(register_no, s_test, status)
  • Thank you DHA, I figured it out myself...
    I made a fimple karel program which can set the configuration flags for a given PR[] index:


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