problem with tcp calibration

  • 1. You need a correct image in your robot. If somehow you have made the robot think it is actually a different model, it will be using incorrect DH parameters and no amount of mastering and calibration will ever make it behave correctly. This should not be an issue.

    2. Master carefully. Zero position mastering or single axis mastering are the normal ways. Align the scribe and vernier marks as perfectly as possible. Use a straight edge if you can. Make sure you have established pulse before aligning, it is frustrating enough aligning once, much less twice.

    3. Make sure you have a pointed, rigid indicator of your TCP. If it bends or shifts, you will not get an accurate TCP when you teach the tool frame. For Material Handler robots, a hockey puck with a nail through it clamped in the grippers is one option. The tip does not NEED to be where you grip, but the closer it is the where you are focused, the more useful it will be for defining rotations.

    4. Teach the tool. Use 6 point method. It does not take much longer, and it makes your tool frame more useful and accurate. Remember that your first vector is the most important as it is the full definition of the X axis. Your second is less critical. It needs only be on the correct side of that X Axis and in the correct plane for the X-Y plane. It will make the Y Axis in that plane, perpendicular to the X axis, and centered at the origin.

    Test everything.

    1. TCP Test. Move in a line in World. Move rotationally. Do you move in a straight line? Do you rotate about your TCP?

    2. Master Test. Move to your Zero Position. Do your marks line up?

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