Order of Magnitude for Operational Cost of Robotic Weld Cell

  • Hey gang, trying to wrap my head around total cost of ownership for a robotic weld cell, and I need some help.

    For those of you who have experience with them, what's the actual cost per 8 hours for a typical robotic MIG weld cell, including consumables (wire and gas) with a welder running ~65% of the time? I'm not trying to get to the penny (although I am being specific on purpose) but would like to get a decent idea if possible. Order of magnitude (are we talking $500 per 8 hours, or $2,500 per 8 hours?)

    Thanks All!


    For the curious: I'm an Automation Engineer looking at ROI on a weld cell for a customer who's a friend, but have't ever run a weld cell in production.

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