• I received this alarm twice over a period of 20 hours (no other major alarms occurred) while running through our dry run verification. I had to cycle power to clear the alarm and resume normal operation. This is a duplicate cell and the first cell had no issues like this when we integrated that cell.

    Any thoughts?

    ARC Mate 100iC/12
    3 Arm/Ferris Wheel/Mig Welding Cell

  • Manual States:

    Cause: A DRAM failure is detected.

    Remedy:Check the other alarms for more information. Replace the CPU card. Replace the main

    I'd call the CRC, appears to potentially be a hardware failure.

  • SRVO-337 DCS-RAMCHK-Alarm

    Habe bei DCS ( Cart. position check ) Koordinaten geändert ( X,YZ)

    Danach habe ich diese Störung Servo-337 DCS-RAMCHK-Alarm , kann mir jemand weiterhelfen???

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