Rj3ib paint robot, no core software

  • Hi all

    Our company has a robot that a guy powered off while a image restore.... and now it does not allow restore any image and talked to fanuc, they say fram is fried and need a new one..... well we don’t have the same module )16mb), instead has a 32 mb and can’t load a 16mb image on a 32 mb Fran.....

    Any way to convert the image or have upload the core software from another robot to load into the new 32 mb Fran...???

    Help is really appreciated

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  • Hi JG,
    I'm having a similar problem. The current memory module is 16mb and we want to install a 32mb module. Was it possible to load a 16mb image on a 32mb FROM? How did you solve is?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Thanks for the info!
    1. How can I do an "all software installation" myself? I mean, I don't have the OS and all the options on a flash-card. How should this installation be done?

    2. If I would reload the image on the 32Mb module and wouldn't mind that I still have access to 16Mb FROM, would the increased SRAM work ok? Increasing the SRAM from 1Mb to 3Mb is my main aim (in order to increase the TPP memory).

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