Stuck "wait startup in progress"

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  • if you have the boot disks available, try to disconnect the batteries and the main computer, wait 5 minutes then reconnect and turn on. so you delete the operating system and restart from a "clean" robot but first make sure you have all the disks available

  • Hay yes I think I have the boot discs there's about 10 discs I got with it I will try this and come back to you

    Thanks So much !

  • This screen is generated by the teach pendant while it's waiting to establish communication with the controller. If there is an error while it boots up, it takes an extra long time to boot up. The quick and easy thing to do is to try another teach pendant, making sure the controller is off when swapping. Power up with the controller top open so you watch the LEDs on the computer and panel unit. Please post the model of the controller (example: M98, M98A, M2000, ...) you have to get more specific help.


    I am Having an S4C PLUS Controller. The Controller is not booting up while power on it just keep counting.

    In CPU red light is blinking. I had changed the CF card and I think card is not getting detected.Does anyone have any solution.

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