Lincoln i400

  • Hi,

    We have a i400 Lincoln powerwave connected to our r30iA(rj3ic?) with a arcmate 120ib robot and a lincoln 4r220 or 10r feeders(tried both). But am getting the fault : Arc-134 EQ1 E:9 PM missing robot option. I initially had the fault and then our EE changed robot IP adress and we had to fix it on the i400, and then the fault went away and i even made a weld, but then today it came back?!

    Can anybody help me out with what this means?

    thanks in advance!

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  • ARC-134 This error is related to Production Monitor operation.
    Production Monitor is a lincoln software

    do you have thes program in the robot:

    these programs are using to communicate with production monitor software

    this is part of PM lincoln manual:

    5.3 Using Production Monitoring™ in a FANUC® Robotic Application

    5.3.1 Overview
    1. Production Monitoring™ is a tool used to send weld process data to a remote computer for monitoring. It
    can also be used to alert the robot operator if a weld process has exceeded predetermined limits. Limits that
    can be monitored include voltage, current, wire feed speed, and time. If a limit is exceeded, an alarm can be
    generated at the robot to alert the operator. Up to 32 different welds can be monitored.
    2. The system uses programs already loaded into the robot to monitor and check to see if the weld is within
    the limits. These programs will then generate an alarm or other desired action to alert the operator.
    3. Production Monitoring™ determines if a weld is within specified limits. It does not determine if it is a good
    or bad weld. It is the end user’s responsibility to make that determination.

    5.3.2 Requirements
    1. The robot must have Arctool software version 6.40-1M or later installed. This version includes two
    programs, WR_AL_AT.PC and RD_AL_AT.PC that form the basis of Production Monitoring™ robotic
    interface. These two program names are seen in the Select key program listing along with the all other
    programs in the robot’s memory.
    2. The Karel software function must be Enabled. Karel is a Fanuc software tool that performs functions
    behind the scenes, out of view, during normal robot operations. To check to see if it is Enabled, press the
    Menu key, cursor to line 0-next, Enter, cursor to line System, Enter. Press F1-Type key, cursor to line
    Variables, Enter.
    Cursor down to line $KAREL_ENB, approximately line #190, $KAREL_ENB should be set to 1; if it is set
    to 0, key in a 1, Enter. Then power down the robot and power up to save this setting.
    3. Nine Registers need to be set aside and dedicated for Production Monitoring™ use. The robot has 200
    Registers available for use to perform math functions. This manual will use Registers 1-9 for example use.
    4. The Power Wave® must have the Ethernet Module installed, set up and running on a network. A network
    connection can also be established to the Power Wave® through the robot, providing it has been setup,
    configured, and running on a network. Refer to FANUC® CD Manual set, Internet/Ethernet Manual for
    NOTE: Production Monitoring™ email functionally is only available when the Power Wave® is
    directly connected to the network.
    NOTE: If the robot is an E-model, an E-Cell for example, the network connection must be directly to
    the Power Wave® External Ethernet Module.
    5. The software from the Production Monitoring™ CD has been installed on a computer connected to the same
    network as the Power Wave® or the robot.

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