m97/m98 manipulator interchangeable?

  • i have a problem with a robot on site and believe it will turn out to be the upper or base cable,
    quickest resolution for the customer would be a robot swap, this robot is connected to a m97 controller
    but the robots i have in stock are m98! is the robot arm interchangeable?
    i know computer boards are different in controllers but ideally just a robot arm swap

    thanks in advance

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  • A few years ago, we upgraded a robot from an S4C+ cabinet to an IRC5.
    Upgrade was done by machine vendor - working w/ ABB.
    Dunno if motor models will cause any problems - seems like every time we need to replace a motor, we get a different replacement number.

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  • If its the same robot but different controller, Just change the motor calibration numbers for the resolvers in the MOC file or update the SMB from robot to controller. You will most likely get a SMB mismatch when you power up the new robot.

  • Used to know this but needed room in brain for new stuff. The S4C IRB6400 comes in M97, M97A, M98, & M98A. I'm pretty sure some of the castings and the wrist changed during this time. I used to tell the difference by looking at the axis 2/3 oil plugs - some were 12 o'clock/6 o'clock and others were 10 o'clock/2 o'clock.
    I don't remember being asked during S4C software loads about the model year, only the reach/weight version so my guess is that the gear ratios stayed the same and it will work as long as the robot is the same version, 2.4/150 for example.
    You could verify the robot will work by connecting it up next to the controller, update the cal data for the arm and once it's synchronized, move linear X, Y, & Z in world coordinates and see if it moves correctly.

  • ok thanks for your suggestions.
    in the end i fixed the robot on site, during operation we were getting an axis 6 not synchronised message.
    after research on this site it seemed most likely the feedback cable where it coils around axis 5 so replaced upper cable and it has fixed the problem!

    thought it might help someone with a simular problem

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