Update robot frame for a move

  • Hello to all,
    I'm facing an issue making a simple program using the FDOnDesk simulator. I want to update a pose (in tool coord) of a specific custom shift (X,Y,Z and R,P,Y) I stored in R1 inside a user task.
    The program should be something like that:

    MOVEX ..
    CALLMCR 100,10000
    SHIFTR 1,1,R1,10000
    MOVEX ..

    I'm using the SHIFTR function, in tool coord, and everything work but only for the X,Y,Z components: no rotation components are updated. I also tried with LOCCVT3, but it applies the shift in base coord. There are other functions/procedures I'm missing?

    Thank you, regards.

  • AD
  • I think you may need to change the coordinate

    CHGCOORD (FN113)

    This makes it possible to select the number of the user coordinate system used to implement shifts based on the coordinate system. The number of the user coordinate system must be selected without fail before implementing shift-related commands based on the coordinate system.

    Do remember to change back to 0, which is robot coordinate.

    You may want to check out your any "variable monitor" window to check if the information is updated properly in your usertask.

    If you have FDonDesk 2, you should be able to see easier.

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