• Hi,

    I have a KUKA Robot with a KRC 4 controller and the smartpad is giving me an error which says "Ethercat Packets Missing" and "KRC Found, Waiting for cyclic connection" but does not connect.

    I have removed the smartpad cable and reconnected it but still end up with the same errors.

    Kindly Help.

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  • Shut down the KRC, disconnect the SmartPad, connect a DVI monitor and a USB keyboard&mouse directly to the KRC4, and boot. See if the KUKA HMI starts properly, and what persistent error messages it shows.

  • Thank you for your support.

    Tried that and it gave me the same error.

    So I called the Kuka Service Center and they asked me to send the Smartpad to them as there could be some kind of problem with the wire.lwould like to know if this can cause the error.

  • ...wait, what?

    If you got the same errors without the SmartPad connected, then the issue isn't in the SmartPad. Did you take a KRCDiag and send the file to KUKA Service?

    Very briefly, the KRC4 runs on EtherCat networks internally -- every sub-system communicates over one of several ECat networks. This includes detachable devices like the SmartPad and EMD. The SmartPad is a small computer running a lightweight version of Windows (WinCE or whatever they call it now), and essentially is hard-coded to start an RDP client session on boot, with the Windows session in the main processor acting as the RDP server.

    The E-Stop and Enabler (deadman) controls in the SmartPad are linked into the ECat Safety network in the KRC4, in parallel with the RDP session of TCP/IP.

    So, if the SmartPad firmware were to be corrupted, or the network wires running through the SmartPad cable were to be damaged sufficiently to cause the RDP and/or ECat connections to drop too many packets, this could result in the SmartPad failing to connect to the KRC. The Safety network is especially vulnerable, since it is far less tolerant of packet losses or delays than non-critical processes like the RDP session.

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