Program aborted

  • Ok I'm having a weird issue with one of my robots. We are building a cell for a customer that is laying glue paths and then gluing parts onto a headliner. Two robots laying the glue (M-20iA robots with R-30iB plus controllers communicating with a L30ER compact logic Allen Bradley PLC) with one controlling a table on 2 aux axis (1 for rotation and one for travel).

    When the robots finish their glue paths they return home to get out of the way and the table moves in to glue the parts down. But as soon as the cylinders on the table receive the signal to extend it aborts robot 2's program. It's not supposed to yet. The only reason we need the program to continue running is because there is a signal sent from both robots individually after the glue path is complete so the plc knows the headliner is ready. We need this output to stay on through the whole sequence but to be off to start the next sequence. At the end of both robot programs they run a DO OFF program to turn off any unnecessary outputs but we need them to both wait until the table has returned to its home position before running this program.

    Now someone else is programming the plc side of it because I don't know much about plc programming yet. But he is saying that his program is not telling it to abort. In fact the code for both robots both at this point in the program and under the conditions for UI(4) cycle stop are exactly the same so if it aborts one program it should abort both.

    My questions are has anyone had this or a similar situation happen before? And is there another way we could be unintentionally aborting the program in robot 2 without sending the cycle stop signal or dropping UI (1), UI(3) or UI(8)?

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  • I would check how the UI are being allocated on each robot. Check the rack number, slot number, and start number. Make sure these are the same. They may be off and a different output of the PLC could be aborting the program.

    Next Test the I/O communication with the PLC. Turn on each output from the PLC to check the input side of the robot. verify that both sides are set up correctly. Then do the output side of the robot to check the PLC input side.

    Double check the Robot code and the PLC code.

    You should be able to make a BG logic program to capture the UI 4 Cycle Stop signal being on. Increment a register if the signal is high. This should help you rule out if the robot is getting the signal or not.

  • UI is set up the same in both robots (rack 89 slot 1 start 1)

    We have checked the io comm several times throughout this project but we checked them again and everything seems to line up.

    I added by programs to track UI4 to see if it came on as well as others to track UI1, UI3 and UI8 to see if they ever turn off. We have ran it 3 times now all 3 resulting in the aborted condition but none of my counters have gone up.

    We are in the process of combing through his plc program bit by bit.

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