PRIO-063 Rack 1 slot 2

  • Hello
    I have a R30iB controller, this has not been set for a long time, so after changing the batteries and remastering I am checking the outputs, and that is when I get this error, verifying the configuration the digital I / O comes out in the rack 89, which according to manual is the ethernet / ip. I do not know if it is wrong configured or if you need to connect something like I told you, it has not been turned on for a long time and since I did not know how it was working in the beginning, I appreciate any help

  • Well what does the error say exactly ?

    PRIO-063 Rack 1 slot 2 ? What is after it wrong I/O assignment or something else ?

    Assuming it is something connected with I/O, can you reset all I/O or they are setup correctly now and you don't want to move it at all ?

    You can try:

    Clear I/O assigment

    Check your SUMMARY.DG file it might give you some ideas.

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