UR5 and Profinet

  • Hello,

    I am currently installing a UR5 with Profinet communication to Siemens plc. All is up and running, but i dont understand how to read booleans.
    I've managed to send integer from QB29 in Siemens to integer register 17 in the robot. Cant really see a pattern in what i send and receive.

    Anyone who has any experience with Ur robots an profinet? any help would be much appreciated!

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  • I am not OP, but I would definitely be interested in any kind of material on the topic of UR and PROFINET as well.

    I want to control the Robot via the PLC. So Start, Stop, Reset, Initialize and if possible even tell a certain joint to assume a certain angle and am looking for some kind of starter guide or training material. So far I only followed the UR guide and can see some outputs in TIA-Portal

  • I will try to take some screen shots of our setup so that you can see what we are doing. It’s possible to set Boolean input registers to do the play, pause, stop, free drive functions when they are triggered. We did that to control the robot from an HMI.

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  • I am also trying to communicate the UR with Siemens s7-1200 PLC. If you can take some screen shots of your setup, that will be helpful. Thanks a lot.

  • Here are some screen shots of various tags that we are using:

    We use the Device Overview tab for UR IO module (see image below) to determine the starting byte address for the various IO of the robot. There are 10 modules available that correspond to the pdf that is available on the UR website https://www.universal-robots.c…tos/profinet-guide-20596/

    Look for the pin-iomessage.pdf document at the bottom. One key to note, the addresses are all bit addresses, not bytes and really do not correspond to the actual addressing on the PLC, just the number of bits from the starting address that you can see in the image below.

    For the tags, you can either create individual tags and reference byte.bit address of the value you want or you can create for the whole catalog and just need to use the starting byte address for that catalog section. I have examples of both attached. For the catalog type addressing to work you need to have the UR data types loaded as well.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions. I am hoping to do a white paper soon on how to set-up S7-1200 PLC to work with the UR. There were definitely some things that were not intuitive at first but once we figured out the addressing it was pretty easy to use.

  • Thank you for your answers.

    I also found some time to try around a bit and I feel like I read probably every forum and thread about UR and Profinet by now, but I still couldn't get my UR3 to show up as a member in Profinet, and therefore never got the "LED" in the Profinet-Tab in Polyscope to switch to green.
    Reason fot that and one thing I have never seen mentioned anywhere, was a step that might be obvious to you or maybe even to everyone but me, but I think it doesn't hurt if I post it here anyway: The UR has a configurable network address, that needs to be set under Mainpage-->Setup Robot-->Network (obviously the Profinet members need to be in the subnet, e.g: PLC:, UR: If this Network-address is not set (you can check in the 'About the Robot' window) you cannot use any network connections with the Robot

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