External Cycle Start and "Main" Programs (E Controllers)

  • Hello,

    I have 2 Kawasaki Robots that were purchased recently, both E series controllers.

    I am beginning programming and I am having trouble finding information on the startup of the robots. How do I select a program as a main program, ensuring that it is "primed" on startup?

    Additionally, a question about PC programs -

    I know you can not execute a move instruction in a PC program, but can you really not use them to call a program with a move instruction in it? For example, if I have a pc program that runs indefinitely after startup looking for signal X to go high, and calls a program that actuates the clamp when it does, that is illegal? Really?



  • Welcome to the forum........ :beerchug:

    Selecting a program - via the Teach Pendant.
    1. Press the Program Window on the Teach Pendant.
    2. Select Directory.
    3. Locate the required program.

    Selecting a program - using AS Command.
    1. PRIME 'program','cycles','step-no'.

    PC Programs cannot execute motion instructions, so when you CALL a program within a PC Program all you are doing is calling the subroutine and returning to the step after the CALL (so your always in the PC Program area - so no motion instructions are allowed, hence illegal error).

    CLAMP based instruction is a motion instruction.
    AS Manual gives you many explanations of commands and CLAMP is not just a command to turn on outputs, other characteristics exist with this command which are native to the Kawasaki System and can be used very effectively if used correctly.

    In a PC Program you can use the MC Command to PRIME and EXECUTE Programs that contain motion instructions.
    These will be primed/executed in the main motion program area only if the conditions are met.
    Again, this is also referenced in the AS Manual.

    I suggest some further background reading is required in the AS Manual, or possibly a training course may also benefit.
    - Were you not offered any training included with the sale of the robots?

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