Importing an EIO.cfg ABB file inside Process Simulate

  • Hi, all!

    Is there any easy way to import the signals declared in an EIO.cfg ABB file inside Process Simulate?

    Or I will really need to put them all in a spreadsheet to import them?

    I'm using PS 13.1, with ABB OLP 3.11.

    RCS isn`t running yet.

  • C:\ Program Files文件\ Tecnomatix_15.0 \授权\机器人\ OLP,,RoboticsCustomizedUIManual.pdf有你想要的答案

    Hello, lihui341124

    If Google Translator isn't cheating at me, You recommended the Customized UI manual.

    But what I was trying to achieve isn't customize PS, but an easier way to put the robot signals inside the robot itself, tha was an standard ABB controller.

    We made a little workaround here and it worked.

    Thanka for the tip, anyway.

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