RoboGuide/HandlingPRO - Simulation ERROR

  • I've been messing around with Roboguide, trying to figure out some of the simulation options that it has.
    I've got a EURPallet moving on a conveyor, and some wheels turning.

    But each time I run the simulation I get the message "FRCSysPositionsClass.get_item" ERROR (Pic attached)
    It appears four times after eachother, with the same text. The simlutation is running fine when I've acknowledge them.

    I can't seem to find where the ERROR occurs from.

    Has any of you experienced the same ERROR when running a simulation?


  • I got this error when I went to roboguide version 9.xx SR1. I was told by Fanuc they have fixed this in the new roboguide that just came out a week ago or so. I installed it, and my issue went away.

    Mine was when I would work on anything that was running version 8.xx

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