KRC4 Network Architecture Help

  • Hey All,

    So I've little experience with the KRC4 (more with KRC2), and I'm struggling to understand the way networking works.

    So we can access the robot remotely, however, the windows system accessed through the pendant has the IP od with a gateway of

    What component translates these addresses, and is it possible to get the Windows systems directly on the network?

    Thank you!

  • AD
  • The physical network plug is comletely controlled by VXWorks (the real time OS of the robot). Inside VXworks there is a software router implemented who translates the network from windows to the physical plug.
    So you can not connect really direct to the windows system, the connection always goes through the router of VXWorks.

  • On the KRC2, the KCP was essentially a "dumb" device. On the KRC4, the SmartPad is actually a lightweight computer of its own, running a version of Windows CE/Mobile, just to run an RDP session to act as a "terminal" for the KRC. Inside the KRC, the main processor is still running Windows/VxWorks in a setup very similar to the KRC2.

    I think some people have had luck installing VNC onto their KRC4s to get a remote connection in parallel with the SmartPad.

    There's also KUKA's Virtual Remote Pendant, which is (was?) a free application, and allows for remote access to the KRC's user interface as if one were using the SmartPad directly (at the cost of switching off the SmartPad display, since RDP is a single-client config).

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