Moving linearly with constant force

  • Hi,

    Is possible move the Kuka LBR IIWA linearly in a surface (with a tool in flange) and applying a constant force in this surface ?


  • AD

  • Never tried and tested this code, be careful.

    If that doesn't work try adding a motion overlay to your motion, like tool.move(ptp(xxx).addMotionOverlay(myMotionOverlay));

    I don't know how to create and paramaterize the IMotionOverlay.

  • Hi,
    use the CartesianSineImpedanceControlMode (import com.kuka.roboticsAPI.motionModel.controlModeModel.CartesianSineImpedanceControlMode;) in Combination to a "lin" Motion.


    PS: NullReference: The "addMotionOverlay" is not used for this kind of purposes, but it is used in combiation to FRI.

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