how to view cycle time on ipendant

  • I'm new to the Fanuc world and am looking for the "Cycle time logging and display" function on my pendant. Is this an option that must be turned on?

  • Yes, Cycle Time Logging is a paid option that gives you a very detailed breakdown of everything that might contribute to cycle time: process, motion, application, wait times, etc. and has the ability to display them in graphic format. I am not sure which controller software versions support this option but the first controller that I used the option on was HandlingTool v8.2. In lieu of the option, you can set up some very functional timers using the system timers that come standard.

  • If you don't want to pay for the cycle time, you also can program it by yourself. Just use the Timer[x] and Write the Value in a register.

    Code is like
    1. Timer[1]=Start // Program Start
    2. Timer[1]=Stop // Program End
    3. Register[1] = Timer[1] // Now Register 1 has the Cycle Time in seconds
    4. Timer[1]=Reset

    Then start from 1.

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