UX120 Purchase

  • Hello,

    I recently purchased a UX120 with C series controller and pendant. I've rigged everything up but the Pendant screen is toast, it receives power but is unreadable. I rang Kawasaki UK but they say there are no spares as the product is end of life. I can see some spares on Ebay, but the firmware looks different. Would they still operate even with different firmware? most pendants seem to be from USA

    I can see the robot has an ethernet connection, and I have sniffed the IP address and made a successful telnet session. Before I go to deep into the AS language and potentially waste my time. Is controlling/teaching/playing back programs a good way of operating the unit, or will I need to find a replacement pendant? Of course the robot itself may not work, but I can't see the error messages, so it's looking difficult to get started.

    I'm currently reading through the manuals and instructions that is helpfully supplied by this forum, and I think I would be lost without it. But if there are any suggestions on how to get started I would be most grateful.

    Many thanks

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  • Welcome to the forum............ :beerchug:

    I cut my teeth on the C Controller and see these still on a regular basis, and the Teach Pendant is the only thing wearing on them.
    - Such a pity they are at 'end of life' for spares, a cracking Controller and the UX Series are very robust too.....even if they weren't regularly serviced.
    - There's always Global Robots (UK), they may have some spares too.

    Yep, the Teach Pendants require a compatible firmware with the existing AS of the Controller called TP.
    - If they are not compatible, then it just displays a keyboard screen and not the OS it uses.
    - Simple enough procedure though and I know even though they are end of life, Kawasaki can still provide the relevant TP Firmware (I've received some off them this year).
    - You would need a PCMCIA Card to load it in, dependent on type of Teach Pendant (very old ones/initial release) they only accepted 1Mb versions, but the later ones accepted upto 32Mb max.
    - Bit hard to find now, so that may be a hurdle.
    - All they will need is the Serial No. of the Controller and the current AS Firmware installed in your controller.
    - I have some TP firmware, if you can post the AS Firmware revision no. in your Controller, I can cross reference it and see if I have a compatible one if you don't want to contact Kawasaki UK again.

    Without the Teach Pendant, simply moving it around, checking and simple changes would be cumbersome via a PC, plus making setting changes would be limited via the telnet route as you can't access all the User Interface options, so I think you would be better to have one all the same.

  • Dear Kwakisaki and Philgrady,

    I have open up the AD Teach Pendant and remove the LCD too. I believe my LCD is 40 Characters and 8 Line.
    If your only LCD is dead, you mine find the information of Characters and Line of that LCD and buy it.
    Maybe require some soldering but I think it will do the job. I want to change my LCD too but have no time to go to the shop. I am in Vietnam anyway but we buy everything from China so Ebay is good place to look after you find all information.
    Best Regards,

  • Hi Kwakisaki,

    many thanks for the advice. I think I can source a teach pendant, so i'm going to give that a go. Worst case I can drop to the PCMCIA route and contact you for the matching firmware. Many thanks for the offer of help.

    Once i'm over that I think I might try Nzhuhu's suggestion and try and source a replacement LCD, I'll have to check if the touchscreen is bonded or separate.

    I actually have three of these, two look ok, but one has had a hard life. So i'm hoping I at least have some spares!

    Many thanks

  • No problem.
    - Let me know the AS revision before you order one, so I can check if I have a compatible one.

    Not too sure about the LCD, pretty sure they are Sharp Manufactured and 2 types, I think the early ones had the resistive screen already attached, and the later ones were separate (but can't be 100% sure).

  • Hi Kwakisaki,

    i've got a pendant up and running. The pendant startup screen reports:- TP_Version: version T3400P4E the pendant is the same model as the non working one - 50817 1220r05

    So, no I can see the pendant - it reports

    PC program aborted. No =1001
    ERROR (-1210) INTER-BUS board is not installed
    Cleared error state.
    ERROR (-1800) AC primary power OFF.
    PC program aborted. NO =1001

    and then if i clear the error on the panel, using the clear error button on main box, it says:-

    ERROR (-600) Motor power OFF.
    ERROR (-600) Motor power OFF.
    ERROR (-200) Cannot execute program, motor power is OFF.
    ERROR (-200) Cannot execute program, motor power is OFF.
    ERROR (-200) Cannot execute program, motor power is OFF.

    software version: written inside the machine are:
    AS software 2a400m9j 00.06.13
    Servo software: a1b0e-yg-30
    MFP software: ta0n0m6j

    Any pointers on getting started would be gratefully received

  • Hi......
    That was quick......


    software version: written inside the machine are:
    AS software 2a400m9j 00.06.13
    Servo software: a1b0e-yg-30
    MFP software: ta0n0m6j

    MFP software (is the Teach Pendant TP - just a different name).

    What is written on the door may not be concurrent with whats inside the controller.
    So what we need to do is obtain the correct information stored directly in the controller.
    After boot up is complete, you will either have (see attached images):
    - (image 1) = Firmware requires changing.
    - (image 2) = Firmware appears compatible,

    Which screen shot do you have?
    If you have image 2 (no problem, you can use), if you have image 1 then:
    - In keyboard screen just type in ID and press enter.
    - Let me know version of AS - I can then cross reference for compatible version.

    Looking at the version though, and INTERBUS Error, I suspect this could be ex- Jaguar Landrover Robot (but maybe wrong).
    - If it is, then I have some good experience with these so we can get you going.

    If you could let us know about displayed screen, we can continue from there.

  • Hi Kwakisaki,

    LOL, I did have image 1, so I transplanted the TP motherboard into the new TP and voila I now have image 2. I've only just got it going, so didn't have much time to go through the TP menus etc.

    It is an ex Jag robot from, "Halewood" I believe?

    I've also today jumpered TB24 back to disabled setting as shown in the manual, in the hope of getting servo power, or at least a quick.

    Any basic checks you can suggest, that would get me started would be great.

    Kind regards


  • Heehee.....
    A nice workaround with the TP board change...... :top:

    I was 'smelling' ex jag for sure......the TP firmware 'ta0n0m6j' is a common use for jag (from memory).
    So you're up and running thus far....excellent.

    Standard C Controller Safety Interface is configured via TB2 (Big grey connector strip on the bottom floor behind the Controller door).
    - Jaguar have that wired to a connector on the side of the Controller usually labelled as X15.
    - So you can either create an interface for X15 (see image1) or disconnect the X15 wires to TB2 and use the schematic (image2) to configure the safety circuit requirement (circled are the links required).

    If you apply the default jumpers, then you will be able to:
    - Move in Teach Mode
    - Execute Programs in Repeat Mode
    (Providing no hardware, errors exist.

    But safety first, X15/TB2 is intended to be interfaced with External EStops and Safety Fence.
    By using jumpers, will result in full robot speed being achievable.
    So please take care, make sure Robot is securely mounted and access limited from people just wandering in etc.

    More details for TB2 can be found in the manuals section here - look for the External IO Manual:

    C-Series Documentation & Manuals

    We can address the other errors after, just want to make sure safety is good first......
    Let us know how you get on........

    Also pop over to this thread too:

    C-Series controller robot servo mismatch

    Some additional information here (zeroing) aswell as a bit of a read (This was an ex jag robot too).

  • Morning Kwakisaki,

    I think I may have a missing card? I can see loose cables marked SLURBT in and SLURBT out and remote, I thought it was just a JAG customisation but looking at your other posts I'm now fearing the worst?

    Here's a pic of the unit?

    I've jumpered TB24 and checked your annotated diagram, but still getting no power on?

    It looks like an external hold somewhere?

    Kind regards

  • As standard, C Controllers come with a 32 Input and 32 Output IO board fitted, Jag usually remove this and fit an Interbus board instead.
    Those connections are for the Interbus Fieldbus card, so are not critical to moving the robot.
    - The only thing with your controller you won't be able to send IO signals to a PLC etc.
    - May get some Interbus errors keep flashing up, which can be reset.
    - The cards you have in there, should allow to move the robot and put some motion programs in though.

    Are both Estop buttons released/working (operation panel and teach pendant).
    Can you take a clearer image of TB2 without all the wires in the way, so we can identify where your jumpers are.
    Also the connector block - what wires are connected to that, it looks like some wires TB2 have been removed and connected there too.

  • Hi Kwakisaki,

    sorted, i've got it moving.

    I noticed from your other posts that I was showing an external hold, so I double checked TB24 and i'd missed a jumper.

    Now to get it painted, read manuals, grease, calibrate and make it a press brake folding robot. LOL

    Very happy, many thanks. Anything I can do to help you in return let me know.

    Kind regards


  • Good man.......
    TB2 is always your friend and on the C Controller.
    Maybe worth investing in a couple of battery packs (inside the Controller for the memory storage and the encoders in the rear of the arm) if you don't know when they were last replaced.
    Glad I could help and pop back if you require anything further.

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