Allow 0 distance motion?

  • Is there a way to allow 0 distance motion? I want to use DPM to move to an offset from my current position but I keep running into a Zero Distance error, especially if my calculated offset in each channel is 0 (which happens fairly often).


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  • I should add that I tried moving to a point 0.1mm away from where I was but that gave me a CPMO-036 JBF set not valid error (which the manual says is the result of an internal INTR error which should never occur in normal operation). I also tried lowering the stop tolerance values in $PARAM_GROUP[1].$stoptol[1-6] but that did not work either.

  • As far as I know the zero distance error is not caused by specifying 0 distance offsets, but the motion that leads to DPM being activated cannot be zero distance.

    So for stationary tracking for instance, the FINE motion after the Track DPM statement cannot be a zero distance motion.

    Changing stop tolerances does not influence this (and sounds like something that should not be haphazardly done).

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