HMI Panel

  • Hi Everybody,
    i'm here to ask you some suggestions/opinions/experiences about HMI panels,
    i'll try to explain...
    I have a robot cell, ABB Irb910 for the moment but it can change, i'd like to mount
    a HMI panel on the cell to let the operator interact with robot program without using
    the teach pendant of the robot. To be more precise my robot program has a lot of
    parameters that you can manage from the teach pendant, but many customers have
    a lot of difficulties to learn how to use it, so i'd like to make the "receipt" on the HMI
    and send it to the robot through ethernet, for example with FTP protocol. I already did
    this with siemens and wincc but i'm try to find some cheaper alternative with smaller display,
    i don't need an industrial PLC. I'm searching the web but i cannot find many information
    about it. I found schneider has some panel with VBA scripting support and FTP protocol but
    i never used them and i don't know the prices, maybe weintek can be an alternative but i don't
    find anything about ftp protocol and vba support. Anybody of you has some experience with
    other hmi brands, or even with those, that are capable of what i need to do?
    Thanks for you help!

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