Model B Help, Please

  • Struggling with the Model B i/o in an R-J2. I've replaced the interface (BIF04A) module as well as the basic (BMD88A1) and extension (BMD88P1) modules. All the appropriate LEDs are green. Still getting the PRIO-100 fault at start up - Model B Comm Error, and it won't clear.

    First question - when I let the controller auto-configure the i/o, it starts with outputs 1-8 on rack 1, slot 1, starting point 1, and the inputs 1-8 on rack 1, slot 1, starting point 9. But with these modules, I should have 16 in and 16 out, I think... right? So why won't it auto-configure 9-16 in or out? And is that the correct order? It essentially means that my outputs are A0-A7 and C0-C7 while my inputs would be B0-B7 and D0-D7, correct?

    Other than that, I read in another thread that PRIO-100 is indicative of lack of power or lack of communication. My green LEDs lead me to believe otherwise.

    Has anyone had similar experience with these i/o modules? Any ideas on configuration? I'm nearing the point of ordering a model A rack, something I am much more familiar with... :hmmm:

  • The (your) configuration is completely correct. I've already set up these modules and it has been a lot of work for me. I think that you read the manuals of the modules and install them accordingly. However, the reason for the mistake you have may be as follows. The settings you need to set with the dip switch, such as the slot number and the connection speed, may be incorrect.
    If you're using a terminator, you have to watch it. If the setup is using "positive / negative" polarity, there is no connection according to it. If the robot can reset the "PRIO-100" error with "Shift + Reset", it will not interfere with the operation, but there is a small connection problem.
    Lastly, please remember that the modules in your hand are very easy to break down and seem to be working ...

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