DX200 and SKS LSQ5 Q6 and ARC Welding

  • [size=3]Hi All

    Has anyone got experience with SKS.

    What I would like to know is, if I set my parameters using the ARC ON or ARC OFF Command (eg. ARCOFF AC=300 AV=21.0 T=0.10) will this take precedence over the parameters set in the weld file of the SKS. I currently have a macro that calls a Weld file in the SKS.

    I am having problems with the, wire burning to far back towards my tip, and I am not sure what settings I can change, and I also dont
    understand the SKS BurnBack parameter completely.

    Initially I was getting a wires stick problem after each weld, but I have resolved this by increasing the wire feed rate during the weld.

    Does anyone know where I can get a programming manual for the SKS LSQ5, as the SKS website has no information, I am new to ROBOT ARC WELDING APPLICATIONS


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