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  • Hi
    First, be sure that the robot is at home position on a a safe position to start

    Do you have a key on the controller ? Turn the key to AUTO (i'm assuming is on Manual now)
    Make sure that the program selected is the right one?

    I can not help you more with the first two questions. I have to trust your logic

    Look at the teach pendant Are you getting a question acknowledging that you turn the key to auto ?

    Get to that point and write us again

    What's going to happen is that depending on your controller set up, you might need to select run But the issue here is that the robot is at 100% speed. If I was you I slow it down

    Retired but still helping

  • After you acknowledge the key turn to auto on the pendant, the white flashing button should go out. Press it and it should go solid. On the pendant in the production window, press the play button by the joystick. The stop signs turn to go signs. Your system is ready to go. Press your cycle start button.

    You have to make sure you have selected the right program in the production manager and you may need to reset any light curtains and close all doors. White light won’t go solid if a door is open or a light curtain is tripped.

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