Kawasaki UX150 A55 Help required to return to life

  • Please everyone help me with kawasaki ux150 manual. I have searching google there are some ebook but they always ask for credit card so i do not trust them. After long time saving money, i have bought ux150 at used machinery dealer in VietNam. Yes my dream come truth but now i have to learn about robot so please just spare me 1 minute of your time just to show me 1 step and another step and go on so i may join in with my zero knowledge. Thank you very much.

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  • Hi and welcome to forum......... :beerchug:

    This section contains some manuals for the C Series Controller - What Series Controller is it your using (it can be found on the data plate mounted on the Controller Cabinet).

    C-Series Documentation & Manuals

    What specific information/assistance are you looking for:
    - Installation and Electrical Connections
    - Operations and Programming
    - Maintenance
    - How to move it

  • Thank you so much Kwakisaki. I am really do not know how to show my deeply gratitude to you when i read your reply, just like my dream can be continue. I am very sorry because i have not find the nameplate on the control box, hopefully there still are. My robot type is UX150F - A004 manufacture numbers : 66366R0S1M, still attaching the U welding tool on it, my fingers are crossing to wish the robot is not too old to be help. Please do accept my apologies for my English, i am Vietnamese so spare me. Also please do forgive for my arrogance because buying robot with no knowledge at all. And please do not angry when i am asking for everything you list above. Yes everyone might call me Man but for robot i am just been born baby with all crying and yelling for knowledge. Here is some picture i have taking inside the control box, how silly me did not try to fing the name plate. Have try but can not upload picture.

  • See attached to attach image - make sure images are correct format and do not exceed file size.

    Is the robot firmly secured to floor/pedestal/anchored so that it cannot fall over?
    Do you have suitable voltage supply available?
    Do you have all cables available between Controller and Robot including Teach Pendant - Can you list/provide image?

  • Thank you Kwakisaki, the control box coming with teach pendant. I will take photo everything tomorow such as cable,control box.... In Vietnam we use 220v 1 phase or 380v 3 phase 50hz but i can use transformer if we need other kind of voltage. Anyway I am thank you verymuch.

  • Bottom left side of Cabinet usually houses the autotransformer (behind access panels on the outside of Controller Cabinet).
    - If you are using 380V 3 phase, then check/adjust the transformer primary is wired to 380v supplies for RST and suitable Earth Connection before applying power.

  • Dear Kwakisaki,
    I have taking some picture and checking my cable and everything here is the list what I found :
    1. 3 Cables, first side of head marking CN1 CN2 CN3 can be connecting good to Robot Port, the other side of the cable marking No20, No30, No40 can be connecting to 3 port behind the Control Box.
    2. On top of control box is LCD and some switch saying AD Controller, it having Floppy Disk on Left Side and Right Side there is port for Teach Pendant. ( Picture of that Ad Controller and TP are include ).
    3. In side the Control box, I see 1 big board mounted veritical on the wall having 3 boards connecting to it, also i found 1 additional Board marking CN1 CN2 CN3 CN4 connecting to the big board also with all the cable out but I dont know where to connecting it to the Robot.
    4. At the Switch ON/OFF at front of control box have sticker saying AC 3 220v 60hz. I believe I have to wiring to cable in to that CP and suppy 220v 3phase 60hz electric to it.

    Please do not hesitate to yell at me just to teach me, pointing me to right direction. I am very sorry for all the Trouble if I make to you. Once again I am very please and thank you very much for your Help.

  • Many thanks for images and appears you have all hardware and cables for default system.

    1996 - 22 Years Old - This is oldest I have ever seen - This a challenge for me to assist you, and I like challenges. :top:.

    Do you know if system was working before you buy, or has it been in storage?

    Do you know how to use/send/receive Private Messages here in the forum?
    - I have sent you a PM as I have some manuals, but too large to post here, so I have to email you - please reply to my email and I can send manuals for you.

  • Ok, so I have sent you manuals I could obtain - A55 Controller with UX150 Robot Series.

    The board you spoke about CN1/CN2/CN3/CN4 is the 9ZR Board which is Input and Output card to link with PLC.
    - These connections may not be needed.

    Robot contains Batteries for Encoder Position memory and Controller contains batteries for program memory storage.
    If Controller has not had power for long time, batteries maybe exhausted and would need changing - these may be difficult to obtain now.
    - These are used to retain position/data when Controller is not powered on.
    - If these are exhausted/empty, they will need to be replaced, data will be lost and robot position will be lost.
    - But can be reset after battery change.

    However, try and get powered up and see what errors are produced first.........

    There are many versions of A and AD Series Controller.
    - I think yours in AD Standard Type.

    I am not sure about input voltage supply - please check on Auto Transformer what connections are in use - I think 3 phase 220vac.
    - You do not want to put high voltage in by mistake as it will cause irreparable damage.

  • Thank you very much Kwakisaki !!

    I have locate on the robot there is small pocket with 1 board and many wiring, include 2 x AA Battery ( pretty clean, i see no dust at all ). I have not taking picture of it, how idiot i am.
    Here is my plan, I will taking picture of the Transformer, the Batteries, and everything else I think should help us .
    As I have read the Manual you sent to me, the Control Box can be use 50hz electric. So I hope after we examinate the Transformer, we can decide to change the Transformer.
    If not suitable I will just have to buy Seprate Transformer changing my current electric to 3 phase 220vac 60hz. I have learnt 50hz and 60hz are different, mixxing each other will harm in some way.
    And then i will try to power the controller up without connecting with robot to find some error.
    Yes you are very correct Kwakisaki, I do believe my Controller is Standard type.

    I know I have asking too much from Kwakisaki, and everyone please allow me to be more greedy just to ask for help from you all.
    Thank you and very greatful to have help from Kwakisaki and everyone. I owe Kwakisaki and veryone Big Time !!
    My very best Regards To Kwakisaki and everyone,

  • Yes, those batteries will be used to power the encoders, and may need replacing.
    The other batteries are soldered to the 9ZA board and these are for the data memory backup, again these may require replacing.

    Attached is a clip from the Controller Installation Manual, this appears to be your Controller, I have circled the Power Supply Requirement, as long as you can check/confirm the fitted transformer settings and match incoming supply, you should be able to supply correct power.
    As far as I know, Kawasaki will run off 50 or 60 hz supply with no problem - all specification manuals appear to stipulate 50/60 hz operation.

  • Dear Kwakisaki and everyone,

    I have attach 2 picture 1 of Transformer and 1 of Robot Battery.
    My electric in Viet Nam is 3 phase 380vac 50hz. I think I should connecting it to 3 connection of 400v on Transformer ( as it show only 440 - 400 - 220 - 200 ) and because of Manual saying + 10% or -10% so i hope 380v will be fine.
    To be correct I will connecting Electric ----> Switch ON/OFF CP on Control Box L1 L2 L3 -----> Transformer.

    Should I turn the Control Box on without changing all batteries ? If I am not mistake, I did not find any information about those batteries on Manual.

    Next week I might have to take a little trip to country side for Tree Inspection. I will try to update as soon as I can, Please stay in touch with me. Thank you Kwakisaki and everyone.

  • The batteries will not prevent the Controller from turning on.
    - Therefore you do not need to change the batteries just yet, it may be that the batteries are good, so I would leave them for now.

    All Kawasaki Controllers are wired to the supply via the isolator switch.

    Your 380vac supply should be ok, just make sure you have set connection to correct primary on transformer first.

  • Dear Kwakisaki and Everyone,
    How are you all doing ? I just came back to Saigon yesterday afternoon. Me and my friends have supply power to our Kawasaki Robot like this:
    3 phase 380vac ----> Controller Box CB ( Switch On/Off in front of the Box ) ----> Connecting to 3 x 400v ports on Transformer which each port will be connecting another line to 0v on Transformer.
    Turning my Controller box and Magic did happen, the screen is on with Program: PG 1, Step : 5 , PC : ( nothing there ) and the Error, please have a look at the pictures I have attach. On Teach Pendant showing Wait Sig : 100% ( The screen is too blurry, I will try to find a way to change the screen some how )

    But my friends robot have a problem, 1 guy's controller's Relay is doing nothing ( have try to switch the relay from my controller still doing nothing ) check the voltage in we have 24vac and 210vac but no power coming out from Relay.
    Other guys with an Error 1511 Encoder Battery Low Voltage.

    I do not take picture of their machine because they are not mine. I just put their problems in here hoping I can fix it for them and incase my machine having the same problem in future.

    Just to clarify, me and my friends, we share the money to buy 3 robots at same time ( Bulks buy is cheaper than single buy ). When we buy we know nothing, the only thing we can do is look inside controller box ( hope it is not empty ) and get as many cable as we can. And we do not know why they cut our Cable No.4 - CN3. We do have both the Male and Female Jack of the Cable, so now we have to wiring it back.

    The No.4 - CN3 cable has 44 pairs of wires but I only see 73 pings in and out. Would anyone please suggest what should we do ? Are there any requirement when soldering them back such as length much be same 1 by 1,can i miss it by any millimeter ?

    I am very sorry for so many request and question !!! Please do forgive me !!

    Thank you very much and my BIG Regards to Kwakisaki and Everyone.

  • Progress I see.....Excellent she is breathing....and displaying program information
    - Good that means internal Batteries are good..... :top:

    The error -1516 is due to the last time it was powered up, the Joint Angles from the Robot Arm are being reported back at being in a different position.
    - You can reset that error and it should clear.
    - Have you tried to reset yet?

    I suspect there is missing information on Teach Pendant display, until this is changed, would be difficult to use.

    I have sent you additional information again - this should assist with cable soldering, information shows pin out requirement for wires.

    Error -1511 Encoder Battery Low Voltage
    - Means Batteries in Robot Arm (like your earlier picture) require changing.

  • Thank you Kwakisaki,
    We have not connecting the controller with robot when turning it on. We let the controller on alone. I will borrow my friends teach pendant to see if there are any hope.

    I am so sorry Kwakisaki, i do not have the gut to reset or doing anything. I just want to be safe, after soldering the cable, have the right teach pendant then i will connecting to the robot. At that state i hope i have remeber every step to make the robot move manually on each axes.

    Because we have not connecting the robot so the error 1511 might not make sense but maybe my friend tell me wrong.

    Would you please teach me what happen when the 2 relays are not turn on to let the power pass the realys to powering all the Boards ?

    Big thankful to you Kwakisaki

    Ps: I am planning to use male/female bullet connector or butt connector for each wire. Do you think it good, or soldering each wire with silver and cover each of them by plastic tube.

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  • OK, if cables are not connected between Controller and Robot then you will always receive errors for encoders.
    - This does not damage encoders, so if you do error reset, then errors will return........but it is safe to try and reset.... :fine:

    Teach Pendants can be exchanged without problem (plug and play).

    Connector CN3/No.4 carries all encoder signals and battery voltage back to Controller for check....so if not connected = 1511 Encoder Battery Low Voltage error and other -15xx encoder errors will occur.
    - Check Manual I 'We Transfer' to you (90206-1019 A8x Troubleshooting) - See U Series Section (Page 137 for No.4 end and Page 143 for CN3 end) for correct pin out.

    If you are speaking about BIG relays, these provide power to modules on door (these are power amplifiers to drive motors on robot), these will not work when robot is in error/disconnected.

    Any pin/receptacle is fine to use as long as accept gauge of wire and has good fit.....No.4/CN3 are low voltage (signal lines).

    Hope this helps.....but looking good so far...... :top:

  • Dear Kwakisaki and Everyone,

    How are you today ? I have taking picture of the 2 relays, I dont understand why there are no power to the AirKicker box ( cooling Fan, nothing turning on except Power is correct in the Big Transformer + power in small Transformer which produce DC i think and another Power Unit next to Transformer also.

    About Soldering Cable, I still have not able to do it because of work. To be honest I do not understand what to do when reading page 137 ( No. Column, Colour and some Note ) and 143 ( No. Column and Colour #22Blue ).

    I have look at 44 pairs ( 88 wires ), and i find out if i am sort them with 1 colour in pair ( or twist ) , they come up all different pairs ( twist ) of colours. Can I just follow that way ? If this way is not secure, please do tell me how to read and understand 2 pages which you have pointed out for me, very sorry for my limited knowledge.

    Just curious, am i able to replace the Plasma Screen on Controller Box with other kind of modern LCD. With my little knowledge I think if replaceable the LCD screen still showing Black and White but I will happy with that.

    Oh, I will try to post my Very Each Step on how to run the Robot Arm in Manual Mode ( still trying to read and learn it ).

    Thank you and Thank you Kwakisaki :yesyesyes:

  • Is this a different Controller now?
    - If so, check TB1 in your picture, there should be jumpers inserted between EPON - EPCOM - EPOFF.
    - Compare with other Controller.

    - Blue wires are signal wires (low voltage).
    - Red wires are medium voltage (vac).
    - Black wires are high voltage (vac/dc).

    You said N0.4/CN3 harness is cut one end, so other end still ok.
    - With pages I spoke about, you should be able to match No.4 and CN3 pin for pin.
    - See attached.

    I don't know about swapping Plasma with LCD, maybe additional board required.....not too sure though sorry...

  • Thank you very much Kwakisaki,

    The relay picture is my friend robot which we bought together for the wholesale price. I will try to figure it out his problem by comparing with my controller as you suggest.

    It was my mistake when told you about the Cable, Cn3_No4 cable is 1 piece but they cut them into 2 piecies. I do have those 2 halfs with original Male and Female connectors of that cable. Now i just have to wiring them back at where it been cut. The Connector is DDK manufactor size 36 and 73SF pins, but there are 44 pair of wire so total 88 wires. Its kind of mystery to me but I think I will not concern it too much because each Pair ( twist ) of wire contain 2 colours and there are no pair with 2 colours identity same as other.
    Also on each connector they mark A - Z, a - z, AA.... I must making sure same pair colour and same mark out put on both end.

    Thank you Kwakisaki and Please do enjoy your weekend,

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