MAX TCP Speed of ABB Robots.

  • Hi,
    I want to Know what is the Max TCP speed of ABB robots IRB 4600, IRB 6650S, IRB 6660,IRB 6640 & IRB 7600.

    Can any one plz help me with information on this.


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  • I'm afraid it's a little bit like asking how long a piece of string is.... and even if you were to define a theoretical value of - let's say - 7000mm/s (which I think is the fastest pre-defined speed data) you'll rarely (if ever) reach that speed as it depends on so many parameters (payload, joint configuration, axis positions, distance between positions, etc.)

    Perhaps if you could explain the purpose / need for this information it is easier to help you with a solution to your problem.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I know that TCP speed depends on many parameters. and robot will never achieve speed of 7000 mm/s. In the specification sheet of robots Speed is mentioned as Individual axis speed in Degree/sec. every robot model have different gearbox & difference in Kinematics.

    My question is If all the robot have Same Tool & payload ( within their permissible limits) and there motion paths and distance are same, then what max TCP speed individual robots can achieve OR what will be the difference in their Max TCP speeds.

    What is the Max TCP acceleration value of individual robots.(Somewhere I have read that for IRB 6640 it is between 20 - 30 m/s^2).

    Kindly share the information.


  • That's a very theoretical exercise and easiest determined in RobotStudio (as it's fairly accurate) if there's a specific path you have in mind.

    Hypothetically you could attach a 1500mm long stick perpendicular to ax4/6 and then optimize the axis rotation (making sure Ax4/6 rotates in the same direction) and reach a max TCP speed of ~6000mm/s

    All robot are not the same either, a IRB 6660-205/1.9 is not the same as a IRB 6660-130/3.1 as one is built for machining and the other more for machine / press tending, so you'll have different tuning and different speeds within the same robot family.

    The 4600 is the newest of the bunch and as such it's a lighter design and it has more aggressive tuning so it will outperform the others in an ISO cube test.

    The robots are not limited on TCP speed / acceleration from a tuning perspective. (yes, there's ways / instances where TCP speed is limited i.e. manual mode, safe zones, speed data, etc. but not from tuning )

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