Recovering from a shock sensor alarm in PLAY mode

  • I have an MH12 robot on a FS100 controller. I am trying to use a gripper to pick parts and would like to use the shock setting as a sensor to help me stop an IMOV motion.

    I have configured the shock sensitivity settings and call it with the SHCKSET command in the job. This is working as expected. My question is how do I capture the

    ALARM 4315

    alarm and set a bit so that I can use it with an IMOV.

  • AD
  • Ouch. Oh, what fun. Rough idea here. In the ladder write a rung with at least NO contacts with the address of the Specific Output for PLAY (50054) and for a minor alarm, I believe 50011. Have that go to a WXOR. Use a source of a constant of 4315 and a source of a register (I believe M640) that is the alarm number, the destination is then an unused M-register. If Alarm 4315 occurs the destination M-register should be 0.

    You could then duplicate this rung but use an ADD instead of a WXOR. Add a constant value, like 1, 2, 4,8,... to the M-register.

    You then could move the value of the M-register into a Relay(Byte) for an address of the universal inputs. I hate to waste an additional 7 inputs for this. But it is a way.

    Somewhere you would want unseal the input. I would probably use an output for that.

    Works in my head. Hopefully, it gets you close enough that you can massage to your liking.

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