Generating Random Numbers?

  • Is there a way to generate a random number in KRL?
    I've been using a work-around via RSI,
    But no RSI in this project so was trying to figure out a way to hack one in

    KR C4 compact
    KSS 8.3.25

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  • Hm, not sure what I'm doing wrong, but the CWRITE function keeps spitting out a "Random Value Invalid" error.. Doesn't seem to matter if its inline, subprogram or function..

    Am I doing something wrong? I'm not so versed in Interface functions(?) or anything that uses more than the single .src file so might be fudging something up..

  • Aaand nevermind, forgot to initialize Random. Didn't know that CWrite attempts to read the value before setting it (I think?)
    Just put a Random=0 before the CWrite function and it works now :dance2: thanks!

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