Adding Dwells and Coolant On/Off commands from Mastercam

  • Hello all. We have a Fanuc M710IC50 robot that we drill aluminum castings with. We program the robot with Mastercam 5-axis drill and Robotmaster. I would like to know if there is a way to add dwells and turn the coolant on/off where needed. We currently add all this at the robot once the program has been uploaded to the pendent. It makes for a lot of editing and was hoping I could do this in Mastercam or Robotmaster.

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  • Hello,

    Terribly late reply to the OP.

    One thing to understand of Robotmaster V6 with Mastercam is that all programming is done via the Mastercam POST processor. The Mastercam POST does 2 jobs in Robotmaster.
    1. Preprocessing of 5 Axis points via NCI to use within Robotmaster Interactive Simulation Environment (RISE)
    2. Post Processing of RISE 6-axis points and motion to output code formatted specifically for each unique robot controller. In your case, the Fanuc controller (most likely R30-iB).

    The controller programming itself is defaulted to work with all applications. Robotmaster itself already has customizations within the Fanuc programming to output Fanuc Welding codes with Lincoln Electric.

    In this case you are doing 5 Axis Drill Paths within Mastercam. These 5 Axis Drill Paths are coded and recognized in the NCI, and should be able to be customized to add the appropriate code.

    One Question you will be posed with is how you want to customize.
    Robotmaster gives you 3 options.
    1. Hard Code the post processor so all Drill Activities use this code. This can be done with a copy of the basic Fanuc processor or by editing the basic post processor so it always outputs this code.
    2. Create an Application for Aluminum Casting Drilling or whatever you want to call it, and then use RISE Options -> Post Processor to override the standard code for this application to do your coolant on/off and dwell times as needed for those Robotmaster Files that are "Aluminum Castings Drilling"
    3. Create a Process Definition within Robotmaster that allows you to customize code output at 3 levels. Global (Device), Local (Task/Operation) and Point (Specific Points)

    All 3 can be done by a qualified Robotmaster partner that understands how to customize the post processor.
    Additionally, you can see in the Robotmaster_Fanuc.mcpost file there is a section:
    # Custom output postblocks: (May be changed)|
    In this section you will find options to hardcode custom output options without having to have Robotmaster or a qualified Robotmaster partner edit the code for you.
    **Please note this code is in Mastercam format, so please have a general understanding of Mastercam post code editing before editing this file. If you make a syntax error, you will get an error when you click "Generate Program" in RISE.
    If you add custom tool on, custom tool off code here, when selecting the TOOL ON/OFF macros in RISE Global Settings, please enter the words "CUSTOM". This will call this custom tool on/off code.

    Please PM me if you need additional information.

    Ian T.

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