Welding robot collision fault

  • Hi

    I have a Arc welding robot 120ic with controller R30ib

    I randamly have collision fault on same position(after start to move from home position). but it doesn't hit anything.

    doesn't matter how slow motion or collision sensitivity I setup, I always have collision fault sometime

    I tried to adjust payload and disturbance allowance. but still have that fault.

    I confuse me ( not every cycle. just 5, 6 times a day )

    the collision fault on G1 A6, I believe that means axis 2, 3


  • Try to add A point between home and where the fault occurs. When teaching this point, try to put the arm half way into the position that the arm is in when the fault occurs.
    Some times there is not enough room for the robot to align all the axis in A short amount of travel if the points are close together.
    This causes the robot to whip itself into A collision fault. By adding the point the robot now has 2 points to get into the position you want it to be in with the axis aligning more smoothly.

  • Actually.
    this robotic controller has 3 groups.
    group 1 is first robot
    group 2 is second robot
    group 3 is external axis (turn table)

    when collision occur at robot 1 and robot 2 on the way to welding. turn table dont need to move at all at this time


  • Can you post the lines of the program where the fault occurs. You said that it was from home position to the first weld. I have seen this happen when the robot has to get aligned very quickly.
    Still sounds like too much movement in A short amount of time to me. If home is close to first weld, you may still have to add another point to let the axis align smoothly.

  • 13 COL GUARD ADJUST GP1:60 ;
    14:J PR[3:WELD TABLE PERCH] 80% CNT100 ;
    15: ;
    16:J P[4] 80% CNT100 ;
    17: ;
    18:J P[1] 80% CNT25
    19: ;
    20:L P[2] 500mm/sec FINE
    : Weld Start E2[1,1,E0] ;
    21: Weave Circle[2] ;
    22:L P[3] 5.0sec FINE INC
    : Weld End E2[1,2] ;
    23: COL GUARD ADJUST GP1:100 ;

    it was happened at line 18. So I added a point at line 16

    actually, the points are not close to each other from my opinion
    the line 14 is first point after home point
    the line 18 is a point close to welding point

  • Hello keyboard7, I am working with naruto_yyc as well on this line. I have added in an additional point after it moves from home, to my new point to the first weld position. We have reduced the movement as well from 500mm/sec to 250mm/sec.

    This is the updated code as of today.

    12: COL GUARD ADJUST GP1:60 ;
    13: ;
    14:J PR[3:WELD TABLE PERCH] 80% CNT100 ;
    15: ;
    16:J P[4] 80% CNT100 ;
    17: ;
    18:J P[5] 80% CNT100 ;
    19: ;
    20: ;
    21: ;
    22: ;
    23:L P[2] 250mm/sec FINE
    : Weld Start E1[1,1,E0] ;
    24: Weave Circle[1] ;
    25:L P[3] 5.0sec FINE INC
    : Weld End E1[1,2] ;
    26: Weave End ;
    27:L P[1] 600mm/sec CNT55 ;
    28:L PR[3:WELD TABLE PERCH] 1300mm/sec CNT25 ;
    29: ;
    30: COL GUARD ADJUST GP1:100 ;

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