Srvo-005 over travel error

  • I am having trouble with a Fanuc M-710iC/50 robot with the R-j30IA controller. The servo amplifier was recently replaced, and we began to have trouble with the light curtain not turning off an output used to control the robot tooling. While searching for the problem, I forced the output on while in auto, and walked around to try to trip each curtain. The robot did not turn off the output. After I checked each sensor, the robot dropped the tool and gave an overtravel error for all 6 axis at the same time, and the SRVO-005 error. The robot is in a "safe" position used in all the programs, so the axis are in a reachable location. The srvo-005 error will not clear.

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  • Is it possible the servo amplifier is bad again? We did have the robot running for about a week after the amplifier was replaced. This is the second new servo amp in a month.

  • Some of the alarms related to overtravel are based on the next command position, not the current location. If you tell the robot to go somewhere that it KNOWS it can not physically reach, it will give the error immediately, rather than running up to the boundary before faulting, so double check that this is not the cause.

  • We use several different tools for each program, and the device used to pick up and drop the tool let go of the tool when it was supposed to be holding the tool.
    The robot was not running a program at the time this occurred, so it was not trying to reach a point outside of its reach.

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    Do you have power at your EE connector? Is the tooling operating properly?
    My experience with the over travel faults have been cable, jumper or power issues with this alarm. You have axis limits to stop motion in the software. The over travel had switches on the robot to prevent damage when moving the axis to far. In newer models the switches were removed and a jumper was added to the cable connecting to the robot base.

  • The tool and other outputs do not work properly, as I have not been able to clear the error. What I don't understand is how the over travel occurred while the robot was not moving, or trying to execute a program. The only thing running when the robot stopped working was the output holding the tool on, and the output running the tool. If the problem is a bad over travel jumper wire, what would cause it to short out while the robot is parked in the safe position?

    The robot had just run production for a few days without any trouble after the servo amplifier was replaced.

  • Just checked the EE cable power, and we do have 24 volts at the end of the cable. This cable was replaced at the same time the servo amp was replaced. From what I have found, the jumper wire is CRM37B. Is this correct? If so, where is it, and how do I check if it is good?

  • The problem we finally found was a bad pendant cable. This was replaced, and ran for a few hours in the warehouse, but when we moved it back to the production floor, we could not get it to move again.

    The fs1 fuse blew sometime between when I left for the night, and got back the next afternoon. Upon replacing the fuse, the robot gave the SRVO 057, SRVO 215, SRVO 214, and SRVO 005 codes. Another forum recommended cycling power to clear these codes, and it worked. The only trouble now is a bad I/O assignment. Could this be a hardware problem? Possibly a bad rack? ???

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