• So, $OV_JOG is the robots speed in Hand mode, $OV_PRO in Automatic mode, but what is $OV_ROB?
    If I programmatically change this percentage, does it slow down the robot and still gives the user the $OV_PRO button on the top right to reduce the speed even more?

    Thanks to all!

    PS: I've just seen, its write-protected, but still: What is it?

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  • "Kurzbeschreibung" from an old KRC30/51 german manual...

    $OV_ROB is der aktuell wirksame Override für das Robotersystem.

    Berechnung von $OV_ROB:

    Handverfahren: $OV_ROB=$OV_JOG
    Kommandoverfahren: $OV_ROB=$OV_PRO
    Bewegungen in Roboter Programm: $OV_ROB=$OV_PRO * $RED_VEL_C

    $OV_ROB spiegelt den aktuellen Overridezustand für die Roboterbewegung wider und kann nicht direkt über Programm- oder Bedienhandlung verändert werden.


  • From the English manual :yesyesyes:


    The robot override is the current velocity of the robot in program execution.

    The variable is write-protected.

    The robot override is determined by the program override $OV_PRO as function of the reduction factor for the program override $RED_VEL. If
    $RED_VEL=100, i.e. the program override is not reduced, $OV_ROB is identical to $OV_PRO

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