Fault reset by push button

  • I'm new to fanuc, new to maintenance position. I have the ability to learn quickly. Forgive me if my terminology is off. I learned how to setup and program a rj3b controller connected to a r2000 165f

    I'm having trouble with reseting the fence fault. That is generated by openimg the fence. I figured out to to simultaneously trigger both the chains so I don't get the chain fault. My problem is that I can not reset the controller with a push button wired to a input on the supplied plc rack.
    What is the correct "mapping" or "wiring" that I would have to follow to remotely reset the fault?

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  • What type of interfacing is done between PLC and robot? Is it hard-wired or any communication protocol is defined like EthernetIP or Profinet?

    Get your fault reset push button input to PLC first and then (if robot and plc IOs are properly mapped) program this PLC input to robot UI 05(Reset) in peripheral inputs of robot. Check the status of UI05 input by pressing the fault reset PB.

  • I am using supplied 24 Vdc positive and negative wired appropriately.i have the push button wired directly to the plc rack in the controller. I do not know how to map the plc input to the UI 05.

  • You say the "PLC rack in the controller". That sentence doesn't make very much sense. The robot controller is not a PLC. It may or may not have a rack of I/O cards. A PLC would be a separate device unrelated to the robot, that may or may not have its own I/O cards.

    So which is it? Do you have a 3rd party PLC with a rack of I/O cards or do you have Fanuc I/O cards?

  • Well if your DI's are already mapped, then all you have to do is look at the mapping for that DI and copy the same mapping to UI[5], i.e., make UI[5] the same rack/slot/start point as the DI that you want it to match.

  • DI's are not mapped. How do I map them. Again forgive me, as I am self taught on this controller.

    DI 01: when I veiw it from the I/O screen, I can see it go on and off when I push the button.

    I can view the UI as well. I am confused on how to call them, or map them to each other.

  • On the DI screen push config and it will show you the configuration for the inputs.
    Then in the UI screen set the config to the same as the DI for the input you need.


    Rest Push button is DI1

    Rack Slot Start PT
    DI 1-16 89 1 1

    Then you would set the UI as follows

    UI 1-4 0 0 0
    UI 5-5 89 1 1

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