Collision Guard and Touch Skip

  • Hello everyone,

    This is the first time I am using the above software options on a robot and I would like to post a quick question:

    How does collision guard relate to touch skip ? How do these two functions collaborate ? From all the documentation I could read and a lot of searching on this forum and internet in general I get the feeling that people seem to connect the two, although there isn't a direct connection between them in the manuals. From what I can understand so far Collision guard (?)only(?) posts and alarm and stops the robot or can I use the DO to make a skip condition when a collision occurs ? is there an automatic error recovery from a collision alarm ? Do I also have to use Collision Guard in order to use touch skip efficiently or is the torque disturbance values enough?


  • *following* sorry i don't have much good information. I am using touch skip on my recently deployed Fanuc, but this is the first I've ever installed a robot of any kind. Just sort of figured out the Touch Skip thing on my own. I am not well versed enough to give you a correct answer.

    I will say that I'm using touch skip to take my gripped object and move towards a "post". When it hits the post (detected by touch skip), it stops the motion towards post (even though there is another 100mm remaining for it to travel to "find" the edge), and then moves a pre-defined distance away from the post and sets the object down. This has helped me to locate that edge of the gripped object and reliably set it down so that I know where the edge is. This has worked extremely well for me, although it took a lot of figuring out.

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