Alarm 0300 : Verify error (system config data)

  • Hi everybody,

    I have a MH50II-35 with a gantry YZ, the installation was received by the customer,
    so after that we disassemble the installation in order to assemble it at the customer's factory.

    So now we would like to move the robot, but we didn't connect the electric cabinet yet ( where is located the PLC).
    The robot network is set in profinet .
    And the safety I/O is directly connect to the terminal X18 . as the electric cabinet is not connect we shunt the safety I/O

    So when we turn on the DX200 , the teach display directly in "maintenance mode " with this error.

    I try to "initialize" with MACHINE SAFETY BOARD FLASH RESET" but nothing happen ( i follow the instruction from the alarm list pdf ).

    I don't know how do ...does anybody have meet this problem before ?


  • I am having this problem at the moment. Yesterday the robot was fine, and came in today to teach jobs. It's been off since I left, I was the one to turn it off, and on today when I came in... a reset, and an erase, have both had no effect... I'm still getting the Alarm 0300 when I restart...

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