• Hello,

    I have a controller R-30iB Mate. I want to manage the UOP signals remotely (from my PC). I use KEPServerEX to access UOP registers, but as soon as I try to change the value in UO1, for example, after some time it still returns it to its previous value. And now the stupid question from the beginner.

    1. Will I be able to change the values in UOP to stop the robot, start / end the program? Manage the robot?
    2. Is it possible to change UOP values directly or do I need to output UOP to digital inputs / outputs?
    3. What do the racks mean? Which one do I need to select so that I can change the UOP values or, if this is not possible, redirect to digital I / Os? I'm not familiar with the robots Fanuc and I have no documentation.
    4. And I do not quite understand what the 'UOP auto assignment' and what is a 'simple', 'full' and other options mean and what the option 'Enable UI signals' means?

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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  • UI signals must have a physical connection, network, discrete or otherwise to be accessed by another device, PC switch etc. UO signals are outputs the value of which are determined by the robot controller.

    1. Yes, you will be able to stop/start/end program via UI once they are properly configured.
    2. UOP has to be mapped to some physical I/O, it will basically be digital I/O that has a specific function.
    3. Rack numbers specify the type of physical I/O device to be used. One of the moderators posted a list in a sticky.
    0 process I/O boards (also memory image)
    16 AB or Genius I/O
    32 Slave SLC2 I/O
    33 internal relay/register
    34 flag marker
    35 always on/off port Slot 0 = OFF Slot 1 = ON
    36 DCS port
    48 address mapped I/O for LR Mate Peripheral connectors
    64 ME-NET
    66 PROFIBUS DP master
    67 PROFIBUS DP slave

    4. Auto assignment fills in the slot and start number for your UOP configuration your chosen rack device. This may or may not work depending on what devices you are using and whether something is already configured in that area. Simple assignment truncates the UOP I/O I believe to UI1-8 and UO from 1-10, in the event you don't need the other signals. Enable UI signals does just what it saysd, it enables UI and that means if you have nothing tied to your UI 1 IMSTP, 2 Hold or 3 SFSPD those active low signals will be on and you won't be able to move your robot. If you want to work with the robot without the UI signals until your interface is complete set UI to disabled.

  • Thank you for the detailed response.
    I mapped the digital inputs / outputs to UOP, but when I try to write to them, the value is held for a few seconds, but then reset to the original, with what it can be connected? The value of the system variables for automatic setting of digital inputs / outputs and UOP in the value false.
    And how to properly configure the robot to remotely control it? I'm using rack 32 to communicate with a PC, or is it wrong?

  • We do all of our communication via Ethernet IO, which is Rack 89. Again, UO can be "set", but they are controlled by the robot no matter how you map them. If the robot and what you say disagree, it will ALWAYS reset UO. UI, however, is your input to the robot. You can set these values, and they will take effect in the robot.

  • The robot does not have a rack 89, I use 32. When I try to set the values of the UI from the program Kepserver from the PC, nothing happens, although there is an entry that the values have been successfully changed. But at the same time I can change the values of UO, but after a few seconds they are reset. Tell me, please, what's the problem? Why does the value of UI not change?
    And yet, the values of UI need to be changed programmatically, that is, prescribe it in the text of the program? I just do it "directly" with the help of tags?
    And the last question, is if I do not have an Ethernet / IO in the I / O, but between the controller and the PC the connection goes through Ethernet, can I manage it remotely?

  • The problem is that you have two devices writing to the same address (the slave IO and Kepware). The slave writes every 8ms, while kepware writes every second or so.

    You need to remap your UI to something that won't be written to by another device. Try mapping it to the internal registers, the flags, or to the memport.

    Also, you are not supposed to write to UO. Those are status bits from the robot. If you write to them, the robot will just overwrite whatever you wrote. Only read UOs.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here! Now open source!

    Check out my example Fanuc Ethernet/IP Explicit Messaging program here!

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