RoboTeam - KSS14006: System error 16 in task KIR_CLIENT

  • Hello,

    we installed RoboTeam on our 2 controllers. Then we activated the RoboTeam configuration we made in WorkVisual.

    We are using one of the smartPads from which we can access both the controllers. One of the robots (the master) is working fine and we can jog it in T1 mode. The other controller (the slave) can't be jogged. It displays a warning message KSS14006 "System error 16 in task KIR_CLIENT". We've searched through the manuals and on the internet about the message, but we can't find anything about KIR_CLIENT.

    Has anyone encountered this problem, or does someone have an idea what is the cause of this error?

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  • System error 16 usually are floating point exceptions inside the robot controller software. Assuming you have a KRC4 create a KrcDiag and send it to KUKA. They can provide you with info whether this problem is already fixed and what an appropriate Kss sw-version you should use. In the meantime you can only try installing, if no already done, the same software versions on both your controllers which is recommended by KUKA in case of Roboteam. KIR_CLIENT for me sounds like a Communication Task between the RoboTeam controllers.

    For further posts try to include other vital information as stated here…a-robot-forum/read-first/


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  • Dear Fubini,

    We have one KRC4-extended (with KSS 8.3.22) and one KRC4 (with KSS 8.3.34). The robots are the same model KR 360 R2830. KUKA informed us that although they recommend that both controllers have the same KSS, theoretically RoboTeam can be used with different KSS versions as long as the RoboTeam software installed on the controllers is the same version (which it is - RoboTeam v2.0.3).

    Examining the LOG files on the KRCs we discovered this error occurring cyclically.
    On the controller with KSS 8.3.22:
    ERROR KIR_CLIENT 17:02:05.293 : Anncounced data (22264 bytes) exceed local buffer (22256 bytes)
    ERROR KIR_CLIENT 17:02:05.293 : crl_ReceiveRobotModel: No Robotmodel receveid - Error 3
    On the controller with KSS 8.3.34:
    WARN KIR_SERVER 16:51:30.793 : Data request size mismatch: Necessary(Server) 22256 bytes - available(Client) 22264 bytes
    ERROR KIR_SERVER 16:51:30.793 : sendData: Stop Sending further Packages to Client because of DATA_SRV_CFG_SIZE_MISMATCH
    ERROR tKRCServic 16:51:34.505 : Data request queue is full
    ERROR tKRCServic 16:51:34.505 : crl_ReceiveRobotModel: No Robotmodel receveid - Error 6

    We are wondering if it is possible to somehow change the parameters of the communication so we can resolve this problem?

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