Offline robot programming

  • Hello !
    I'm acctually working on a robotic cell project and i want to prapare a simulation in KukaSim but i dont know the software that i need to creat the program and import it in KukaSim?? Should i use WorkVisual???
    Please answer me !! I need your help :)
    Thank you

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  • You can write valid KRL code in a simple text editor. OrangeEdit is a decent 3rd-party editor for KRL. The editor in WorkVisual is another possible option. But none of these are terribly advanced development environments -- the onus of writing valid KRL code will be on you.

  • Thank you SkyeFire for the informations
    Do you have a manuel that can help me to create KRL program on Workvisual Editor .. I don't know how to do it!

  • If you have WorkVisual, the details for using the WV editor are in the WV manual.

    If you need to understand KRL as a programming language, your robot should have come with the appropriate manuals. Otherwise, you can also find multiple manuals (usually the User Programming and Expert Programming documents) in the "Manuals Software and Tools" sub-forum.

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