ROBOGUIDE issue with Robot Serialization from backup

  • Hi,

    I am using roboguide to simulate a workcell with 2 M710iC/50E with R30iB controllers. My problem is this:

    When I try to serialize my robots in Roboguide using the backup file BACKDATE.DT that I extracted from each robot controller, the robots created from the file do not have the Constant Path option installed (and I can neither choose the option myself on robot creation screen because it takes the options automatically from the backup file). Bottom line is, when I try to load my .TP programs I also extracted from the controllers roboguide reports that is unable to load the program because the program uses an un-installed option.

    Any :help: would be greatly appreciated.

  • AD
  • I have also tried that. I still get the same outcome. If I use the controller backup file to serialize the robot, it won't let me add or remove options. It still doesn't make sense. Even though I do have Constant Path on the real robot, it is not written as an option in BACKDATE.DT. The ColisionGuard package for instance is recognized as installed when I serialize the robot from the back up, ContinuousTurn is recognized too. Constant path is not. Neither 4D Graphics. Although they exist on the real robot.

    This issue is so frustrating. I am unable to load my programs because of this.

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