Resume from same point

  • Hi Friends,
    Here in my application when robot moves I pressed emergency or I restart..actually robot should start from where it stopped but sometimes robot skip the current line and moves to next line or instruction.
    So I want if at all anyone pressed emergency or restarted the system it should again run the current point where robot stopped and then only move to next point.


  • Normally the robot starts from the point he was stopped by e-stop. Are there any error handling procedures in the program? They could prevent the normal way of e-stop handling.

    What is meant by "or I restart"?

  • Hi,

    You probaly have a stopevent. Try this in a error handler in the routine where the robot stops:

    p:= CRobT(\Tool:=tool1);
    ! New temporary movement
    MoveL p1, v100, fine, tool1;
    MoveL p, v100, fine, tool1;

    That should do it normally


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