Program Stack Size

  • I recently got an alarm INTP-302 Stack Overflow when running a TP program. Tried a number of things, rebooting, etc. to not get this but no luck. Quick internet search & saw about increasing the stack size in the TP program detail page. In my many years of dealing with Fanuc robots, I have never seen this alarm & have often overlooked this field on the detail page. I see that 500 is the default & minimum value. Does anyone have any info as to when it may be necessary to increase this or anything to look for. The Fanuc information that I found is pretty basic.

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  • If you are hitting a stack limit of 500, it sounds like you have programs that are sub-calling in a loop and never reaching their end to return to where they were called from, but i do not have the experience to say for certain that this would be the most likely cause with Fanuc.

  • If I was running my Main program, I could see that, it gets many levels deep. But when I was getting this, I was running a GO_HOME routine, which just does some decision making & has some moves to get safely home. Nothing overly complicated at all. That's why I was trying the normal function, abort all. That's supposed to kill the program stack (or so I thought). Rebooted. Tried coming up through a controlled start. Nothing. One time it started to move then almost got home & got the alarm. All I did was take the stack size from 500 to 1000 & it finished. I even put it back to 500 & it then did not get the alarm. That's why I was really puzzled.

  • It may help if you post the code. The only time I have seen this error is when you have recursion.


    Program A calls program B
    Program B calls Program C
    Program C calls Program A

    It may be buried in your program and hard to find, but this behavior quickly eats up all the available memory on the robot.

  • HawkME, the program I was running is a program I have also not modified in months since the cell installation. Just a really generic get safely to home program. I totally get what you're saying but that's definitely not it. & like I also said, I increased the stack size in the program details from 500 to 1000 to get it to run, then put it back to 500 to see if the alarm would happen again, & it did not. It was really weird.

  • It's running. Exactly as I said, tried to run a program, got the fault numerous times trying numerous remedies. Ultimately changed stack size in program detail screen to 1000, ran fine, no errors. Put it back to 500 where it was initially & it still ran fine. So the only thing I changed, I reverted back to & the alarm did not reappear.

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