Ext mode Configuration

  • Hi all,
    I have some problems in configuring EXT mode. kr10r900sixx / krc4 compact / kss 8.3.33 / PLC S7-1500.
    1. KSS00249 $MOVE_ENABLE configuration not allowed ( screen 1 ) appears after reaching BCO and switch EXT mode. should I change $CHCK_MOVENA=FALSE ?
    2. $CONF_MESS and $EXT_START are configured with the value $IN[1026]. This input is predefined always in Low state. When I connect it to a profinet input with WOV this error appears : "I/O driver PINO-DEV -> $IN [1026] IOSYS_IN_TRUE/-FALSE configuration error" ( screen 2 ), So How could I set those inputs to 1 by the PLC program without mapping $IN[1026]? ( screen 3 )

  • AD
  • yes to the first 1 or change move_enable to a signal you are using

    the second looks like you have mapped over 1025 and this signal is default always high and 1026 is always low so DO NOT map your i/o over these you cannot write to them

  • Hi Ayoub,

    Sorry to point out but, did you actually go through all the posts regarding the $EXT/automatic external configuration steps?

    panic mode has taken atleast an hour to explain and present a very brief and crisp presentation of the steps required as below.

    And the signal diagram you have should help you what signals to pass and their state, while S7-1500 PLC should be already having a block to run this setup.

    $CHCK_MOVENA if set to FALSE, MOVE_ENABLE signal can be bypassed.
    $CONF_MESS and $EXT_START should be pulsed signals (Only Rising edge is evaluated for both) so the controller seems to do its job!
    You are setting both of them to $IN[1026] --> Always LOW so the signals are never evaluated.

    And just as the leg explained,
    Follow the steps in the manual where you found the signal diagram in your post and it will tell you what you can and can't write.
    PLC --> KRC can be written
    KRC --> PLC are read only


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