Sending Fanuc Robot to Specific Joint Configurations Karel

  • I just started working with Karel programming, I am trying to send my robot to certain joint configurations. I am able to use the POS command and enter the cartesian positions transferd from my joint configurations that I desire. There is no problem sending the robot to the cartesian pos, but I want to directly tell the robot to move to the joint config. which I want. Is there a command that I can use to help my problem?

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  • As a rule FANUC advise against using movement commands directly from Karel if possible.

    Thus you have two possibility :
    1- Disregard FANUC concerns and use the command MOVE TO in Karel using a JOINTPOS type variable to directly express coordinate of each axis in joint
    2- Call a simple TPE program with one motion instruction ex. J PR[1] 100% FINE from Karel using CALL_PROG command, set PR[1] as joint representation and input joint coordinate of each axis from Karel using SET_JPOS_REG command before calling the program.

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