Trouble sending arbitrary length strings over socket

  • I am working on writing a socket client on the FANUC side to talk to a Python server. I got the example code to work, but I am having issues with getting a random length string to be passed to and from.

    tmp_str = 'Connect'
    WRITE file_var(tmp_str::126)
    WRITE('Wrote: ',tmp_str,CR)
    WRITE('Waiting to read from server...')
    READ file_var(tmp_str::126)
    status = IO_STATUS(file_var)
    WRITE('Read status: ',status,CR)

    works if my Python server echoes the data back

    But if I want the response from my server to be "Connect, 1"

    Then the Karel client is stuck on "waiting to read from server..." because it is expecting more bytes. I tried to use BYTES_AHEAD to sniff how many bytes to read, but that function returned 0. However, if I change my READ to

    READ file_var(tmp_str::9)

    it works fine. From the manual I thought the first format specifier was the number of bytes to read. This appears to be the length of the string. How do I know a prori the length of the input string buffer?

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  • You could use SET_FILE_ATR to read up to a terminator character (ATR_EOL), by default it's Carriage Return.
    Then you'll read a variable length string without specifying the number of bytes:

    READ file_var(tmp_str)
    instead of
    READ file_var(tmp_str::126)

    Check out the reference manual, chapter 7, file IO.

  • That didn't quite work. Here is the code snippet

    I tried commenting out the first file attribute too. That didn't work either.

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