KUKA TCP/UDP communication

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    I'm working on my first KUKA project and I'm trying to set up an TCP/UDP socket communication to PLC. My intention is to receive parameters like positions data s and some other useful data s from the PLC. We have done this on the ABB robot-PLC already and know we have to make the same communication interface to work between Kuka robot an PLC.

    Problems is that I have know been searching and reading kuka manuals for days but I can't find anywhere how to get starting on this project. I can't find anything about where and how to set it up. Only thing I know is that I can only use ports 30000-30010.

    Can someone guide me on this one?
    - Do I set up the communication sockets by using KRL or is it done somewhere deeper in the system parameters?
    - What kind of commands are useful for this kind of thing?
    - Do I receive the message in CHAR data s?
    - What kind of commands are useful for searching for specific patterns in CHAR data s? (ABB robots uses StrLen,StrMatch,StrFind,StrPart...)


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