macro job

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  • Any job can be a macro job. A macro job name can become an instruction in the INFORM LIST. The macro job can not be created unless the controller is in Management security level or higher. The macro job can not be edited unless in Management or higher (kinda, dependent on a S2C parameter). Arguments can be passed to a macro job.

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  • Typical macro applications could be:
    GRIPOPEN or GRIPCLSD (macros to open or close your gripper)
    executing a certain group of I/O
    executing a certain weld schedule on a certain welder (program select - where the operator types in the value they want)
    VISION (setting camera, inspect, adjust)
    TOUCH SENSING using a welding wire or laser sensor

    Main advantage: can only be created or edited in MANAGEMENT mode

    Note: Set S2C 438=1 to be able to view or debug your macro (DX100 or DX200)

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