ftp cannot complete file transfer

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  • First of all you are not following the correct sequence suggested by the link you provided, second seems like you are not waiting for server response before entering a new command and this may cause problems on slow connections, last I don't see any server message (no success or fail) for the command

    get k_test.pc
  • which parts are not order? I know i did the binary and prompt commands, but that shouldn't make a difference.

    To your second point about not seeing that the request was completed, that is my question... why is it not completing or failing? it just freezes up at when i do a file request. Do i need to specify the working directory in the robot?

    I know i am connected as i can ping the robot; if i type the status command while in ftp, it says that i am connected. Just for kicks i tried getting filezilla setup, and it works! what a surprise! i still want to try and figure out why i is not working via windows cmd line though... again, i am just using the default ftp settings that are configured when the option is first installed.


  • What you have typed in should work, it works fine on my computer. Are you typing these in cmd prompt or are you doing this with a script? If you haven't done directly with cmd prompt then try that way.

    Leaving the robot at default settings should be fine.

    Everything you are getting looks correct except it hangs up on the transfer. If the file wasn't there it would say "File not found", which is not the case so it is seeing the file. Maybe try it with a .tp file.

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